ESG Advisory

Deciphering ESG

ESG is the acronym for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It focuses on supporting businesses by incorporating policies that address strategies to reduce environmental harm, enhance the lives of the employees and surrounding communities while complying with regulations. As consultants, we evaluate current policies and procedures in place at your organisation and integrate ESG policies by deploying custom-made sustainability practices that further enhance your business strategies.

Our contribution includes:

  • Devising an ESG Strategy: Our skilled professional team have worked across diverse industries, encompassing commercial offices, small business, manufacturing industries, and logistics. We use our experience to foremost identify the needs of your organisation by having a thorough review of the process followed within. Enabling us to identify ESG factors which are relevant to your specific industry or business, by relying on a standard Sustainable Industry Classification System (SICS). We also remain up-to-date with ever-moving sustainability targets and measuring indices. Based on our evaluation and following local and international guidelines we will provide you with a framework that will aid you in bridging the gaps in your current policies and remaining compliant with regulatory bodies.
  • Provide ESG reports: We will aid in setting up a framework that will allow for effective communication with stakeholders and regulatory agencies regarding the ESG strategy. Based on your company’s requirements, we tailor our reports to be specific to the workings of your company while using frameworks such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) or SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board). Thereby meeting international standards while remaining relevant to your industry.
  • Conduct Risk Mitigation Assessment: We will help in achieving compliance with green certifications such as, Pearl ratings or Al Sa’fat, while making wiser energy consumption practices. We will also provide guidance that will equip employees with the knowledge to perform their jobs while maintaining workplace safety. This will in-turn reduce risks and increase profits at the same time.
  • Conduct Carbon Footprint Assessment: Based on our expertise in carbon footprint assessment, following standards such as ISO 14044 and PAS 2050, we will identify the areas of enhancements in your system regarding GHG emissions. Enabling to be self-sufficient, profitable, and complying with Green Building codes, internationally and locally.
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